Is there any way out ?

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  1. Bader Muteb

    Bader Muteb Established Member

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    Hi namepros

    Buy low sell high !
    That's what got me to buy 40 domains without knowing what im doing and on what basis im doing it.
    how can i get rid of them ( sell them *_*) ?. That's my main issue for now

    Secondly, how do you guys decide if the domain is worth or not ?
    what is considered to premium domain ?

    I'm 2 weeks old in the game
    I'm looking forward to learning from you guys
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  2. alcy

    alcy Top Member VIP

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    easy answers... and very true too:

    1 - you do not get rid of your mistaken poor regs.. you learn from them and write off as loss.
    so the profit from bad regs is not monetary. but knowledge.

    2 - you never ever get to decide if domain is worth or not after two weeks.
    you only get to decide this after months (sometimes years) of intense domainings and countless hours spend learning and reading. which is like everything else in life really. after experience, you develop a feeling and instinct for things. whether your domaining or a doctor seeing patients for many years. he looks at patient and he knows a lot.

    have fun.
  3. Bader Muteb

    Bader Muteb Established Member

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    Constructive comment.
    first lesson learnt ^_^
  4. alcy

    alcy Top Member VIP

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    right on

    the good news is.. namepros is the right place to learn. enjoy.
  5. DBurn

    DBurn Account Auto-Closed

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    What domain names do you have? Do you have them listed somewhere - on a website or marketplace? We can offer more targeted help with this info ...
  6. 1Darko

    1Darko Top Member VIP

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  7. Bader Muteb

    Bader Muteb Established Member

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    they are not good. i have them in godaddy and dynadot
  8. Silentptnr

    Silentptnr Hey From L.A. VIP

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    Hi Bader!

    Welcome friend!

    The two names I saw aren't the worst. You might make a profit.

    As @alcy mentioned, there is alot to learn. Starts with planning your strategy, moves into understanding what sells, then to where and how to sell.

    Think of domains as investments. You probably wouldn't blindly invest in many things. I definitely wouldn't with domains.

    40 names are quite a bit without having any real game plan. Remember, buying domains is easy. Quality over quantity.

  9. Kenny

    Kenny Member Services, NamePros Super Moderator Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Hello Bader Muteb,

    Welcome to NamePros.

    Before you do anything else, try posting the domains in the Appraisal forum:

    This might give you an idea of the what and why the domains have or do not have value.
    Don't be discouraged if all you get is $0 or regfee appraisals, that is the first step to learning.
    As @alcy mentioned, spend your time reading the forum, and feel free to ask any well thought out questions and you will get well thought out answers in return.

    The members are always glad to help those that have done their own due diligence.

    So bottom line, you are in the right place, just take your time, read read read, and keep that credit card in your wallet.

    And to answer your question, if you have registered the domains in the past few days, you may be able to get a refund from the register. Call and ask.

    Here are some links to help you navigate your way around the forum

    We have many resources that are designed to help you get started:

    Domain Name Discussions is the most popular place in the entire industry to discuss domains with domainers and ask questions.

    Additionally, the following guides will help you navigate the marketplace to sell your domains:
    • The Marketplace Guide will help you with listing your domains for sale on NamePros.
    • The Domain Name Listing Guide will help explain the different sections on NamePros for domain sales and how to use them.
    • The Auction Guide will help walk you through starting an auction on NamePros.
    Last but not least, please check out our brief welcome guide that shows you all the great resources we have on NamePros:

    NamePros Resources Guide

    Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need anything. I'm always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have.

    I look forward to seeing you around!

  10. johname

    johname Planet Futbol VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    See if you can get your money back on any recent domain purchases
  11. urlurl

    urlurl Top Member VIP

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    years of experience
  12. Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    You can give up (recommended) or really grind by starting on a journey of continually increasing your standards and discernment. DomainSherpa and Namebio are two of the best resources you could have, and they are free.

    Making money with domains is hard and involves substantial risk in loss of capital, especially if doing handregs from the cesspool of what noone else wants.

    Better to spend your speculative money on established crypto projects which offer instant liquidity, greater potential and opportunity to still be the part of the 1st generation of crypto investors, like buying domains in 1998 perhaps.

    Good luck
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  13. NoBS

    NoBS Established Member

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    Fourty names in two weeks is a lot. I spend at least one hour daily going through lists of expiring names (my own lists, not just what others have posted) and I can only find one or two each week. Too many good but not great names are bid up by psychotics with a brandable or trend fetish, otherwise proper good 4L, 3L and single words are costly and I don't have the cash flow to play at this level yet.
  14. briguy

    briguy Guru In Remission! VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Great questions + Great Answer = You came to the right forum!
    "Premium" seems to be a "over used, sales adjective! Every domain that I list for sale on "auction" sites seem to be premium by the auction site,just to justify a higher price! <just my opinion!

    My definition is "Premium domain names are basically short, memorable, that are easy-to-spell names that end in a popular extensions".

    Also a domain can be classified as premium (sometime liquid) for instance a 3 number com, (there are only 1000 available (000 to 999))
  15. Satyajit Adhikary

    Satyajit Adhikary Gold Account VIP

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    Let's say you bought each domain for $10, so your total investment is $400.
    Now since it is only 2 weeks, you have more than 11 months left to calculate any loss/profit.
    What I am saying is don't lose hope. Sometimes really bad domains get sold too.

    List all the 40 domains in sedo, afternic, undeveloped landing, etc.
    Going by the industry average of 2% to 2.5%, you have a chance of selling 1 domain in the next 11 months.
    Price each of your 40 domains @$400, if any 1 get sold, you would be out of loss.
  16. Selling gTLDs like delicious hotcakes Gold Account VIP

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    You can try to get some money back by auctioning them here at NamePros.
  17. urlurl

    urlurl Top Member VIP

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    FYI - the 2-2.5% industry turn rate are for good to great names... not all names.
  18. golan

    golan Gold Account VIP

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    Post them in Appraisal forum section, and see which ones worth what. Post some to auctions, some to bargains, and some even to couple bucks sale.
  19. MR Harrist

    MR Harrist Established Member

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    show your domain, and let me see :xf.grin:, who know someone send you PM, and buy for a couple hundreds $$$ :xf.grin:

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