domain Is Sedo asking price legally binding?

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In theory yes, in reality no.
people make fake offers, fake purchases, and sedo allows it to happen.
there are no consequences, because "buyers" use fake contact info.
IP or email not given by Sedo to sellers. Others are not important,
and can be faked. And sometimes Sedo can be the buyer, and how can you check it:
you can't.

Sedo is another marketplace which collects leads and traffic and prevents sales.
We should all boycott all, but go where. All suck.
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You have been a member since 2007 and you don't know how to read a Sedo listing or how "make offer" works?

If I meet the seller's listed price, does that mean we've reached a sales agreement?​

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No. Most sellers list their domains as "Make Offer." This means that although a price may be listed on the offer page, the seller will still be able to negotiate. We ask that sellers honor their listed prices during the negotiations process, although we cannot guarantee that the listed price reflects a given seller's most current expectations.



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Asking price: probably a nonbinding expectation in this case.
There is a make offer option, but no BuyitNow button.
You will make an offer, and he will reject it.
Can't reject directly either (unlike Dan, where rejecting is encouraged),
has to counter (purely Sedo's fault).
After 1 week domain can be removed from Sedo.

Sedo has lots of obvious mistakes but never fix them.
Dan has 1 big mistake, but it is bad enough to make Dan the worst of all.
And overall, all suck.
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The answer is no.

I tried making an offer (at Sedo) at the listed price before, but it wasn't accepted (it simply expired... which was understandable, because the niche had recently become trendy). Plus, the owner has the option to send it to auction as well, where more people could bid too.

They should probably change the wording to something like "Suggested price", to show that it's not binding.


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Just a normal "make offer" listing. You can bid that 10k but it is the buyers decision to accept or not.
A "sellers asking price" is not a buy-it-now price. It is just to set it to the right direction and keep the low ballers away. Surely a "min offer" would work a lot better for that.

Here is the more realistic price at Godaddy:

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