Is it still domaining if you build a site to flip?

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  1. Jason Baudendistel

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    Or is the spirit of domaining to flip only a raw domain?
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    I don't post here nearly as much as I use to and I am not big into domaining the way I use to be... But, as a veteran domainer, I can tell you that many of the more seasoned domainers from back in the day use to find it much more beneficial to develop domains to flip. Developing helps add value to the domain because it helps a potential end user visualize what the site could actually be. Also, when you add unique content to a domain, you are able to get better ad revenue than you typically would just by parking it. Many of us would create mini blogs and update it with fresh content on a regular basis to help build organic traffic to the domain. So long story short, you can flip a domain for a quick buck, but developing it can help you improve the domain's appeal to the target audience. Think about how people stage a home for sale. Same principal. And yes it is still called domaining. Happy domaining! :)
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