Is it really a Trademark issue? Godaddy say, We are sorry!

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  1. Haroon Basha

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    Yesterday, I received the following email from Godaddy. Is it really a Trademark issue?

    We're sorry
    Thank you for being a GoDaddy customer. We greatly appreciate your interest in participating in our exciting aftermarket and/or parked page programs. Unfortunately, we are unable to list the domain name(s) below in these programs at this time because another person or entity owns a trademark that matches one or more terms or words contained in your domain name(s).

    Again, we very much appreciate your business and we are sorry that this particular service is unavailable for this domain name(s). If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

    GoDaddy Aftermarket/Parked Page Team
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  2. Hypersot

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    well, according to justia:
    ..ethereum is a registered trademark and is related to computer software.
    Since your domain refers to games it's very possible that there is a conflict there which -understandably- GoDaddy tries to avoid just in case.
  3. anantj

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    Agreed on this domain. On a similar note, one of my domains ( was rejected for containing the word canon (which is a dictionary word). Presumably they are afraid of "Canon" the manufactor of cameras and printers among other products. That's just being a little overjealous though
  4. karmaco

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    Cannon in the English dictionary is spelled with 2 n’s. Probably why they declined it.
  5. anantj

    anantj Active Member VIP

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    Uhh, cannon and canon are different words! I'm referring to the latter which is also a dictionary word
  6. Kate

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    Sedo also routinely rejects names that have possible (or certain) TM issues. Maybe GD are now becoming more proactive about it but there is nothing surprising here. It's also possible that the TM holder has complained to them in the past, and that they now enforce a blanket ban on that specific term as a result.
    I am pretty sure that other venues have an internal BEL (bad experiences list), and there are names that will be rejected outright if they contain specific keywords.

    It is also possible that they are using the TMCH to check listed domains, if there is a match the name could be rejected automatically.
    The notices you received are probably automated and possibly reviewed by a human being before but that is not certain. Even DMCA notices are automated nowadays.
  7. Mark White

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    I'm not a lawyer, so, I must ask..
    . Should godaddy, and other registries, be the trademark police?
    . Aren't there agencies, and companies responsible for trademark rights?
    . What are the costs associated with monitoring potential trademarks? software, manpower, service calls, time, equipment Etc.
    . These registries seem to be providing a free service at the expense of domain owners, I say the funds utilized to police domain investors would be better used in lowering the price of services, preferably renewals.

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