Is it just me or has godaddy expediate transfer out (accept) stopped working?

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  1. alcy

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    now and then i transfer out a domain from gd... so i go to treansfer out section... click on it... then click accept to expediate it.. its worked like 1 year+ ago... but then it kinda stopped... i didn't make big deal of it.. cause its ok to just wait 5 days... but if its not working then why have it there? plus sometimes we need expediate.... a bug to fix? or someting else?

    anyone else noticing this? sometimes I clicked accept few times on smae name... nothing ever moves.

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    This has been for around a year or more for me. I've complaint to GoDaddy but of no use. They're holding your domains on random basis. Every now and then your domain gets held and they'll send you email to authorize transfer before it can be released. If you don't respond, the transfer will anyway complete in 5 days.

    They say it's for security reason but I see it to delay the things and don't see any solid reason to hold my domains even though I've asked not to hold any of my domains like this. I'm happy not to keep my domains there except the one's I've won via auctions and that too I transfer out immediately after the 60 days lock period is over.
  3. alcy

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    27,552 me it seems to happen for all names. not random few.
    the accept button just does nothing
  4. NameDeck

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    Same here but it seems to be random. I moved about 80 domains recently and about half needed to be verified by email.

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