Is .co a sinking ship?

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  1. abstractdomainer

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    I have always been a massive fan of .CO domain name extensions. It always have shown massive opportunities where you can purchase domain for cheap and then sell it for a profit, like 500 - 1000% return on the portfolio.

    However, last time, when I purchased a portfolio of close to 100 domains thinking that I would end up selling atleast one of them to recover the cost and renew 3-4 domains, I hardly knew that I wouldn't end up selling even one name.
    Now, I stand at a crossroad. Whether to buy 300 .CO domains at $1 each or renew like 10 of them at $30 each. This is utter frustrating given that as soon as I drop those names, they will be put up for $120 each (they are decent names).

    However, if you look at the reported .co domains so far, most of them are in low $$$ range, even some good keywords. That is making me think over my decision twice and I am leaning towards buying new ones and trying the hand registrations and .CO for that matter, for one last time.

    Are you facing similar challenges? What is helping you make a decision in such a case?
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    I stand my point, never doubt.

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  3. BigTree

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    .Co is doing very well but you need to have quality domains.
  4. abstractdomainer

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    And does that mean, going for names that are $100 or above?
    Or is it like owning only a one word name?
    Or something else?
  5. ecomslice

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    Yup. every time one falls overboard for me its 1-3k, Sinking ship no. An extensive choice of reg and renewal cost is a whole new conversation.
    Some call hard work and innovation of strategy to find quality domains pure luck... .Until they find such an opportunity, then they call it skill.
    rate your success based on your data. and always know quality sells itself. well that and exposure if done right. .co or .com , others g/tlds likely, but I have no experience to comment.

    as per your comment on sales data on .co , follow Nikul , king of .co
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