interviews Interview with longtime .Ai domain investor Igor Gabrielan

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Igor has been investing in .ai domain names long before it was cool. Going back over a decade was when he started acquiring names. He has 750 names and you can check out his site at Q1) What got you interested in the .ai …

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Thanks. I like Q7
Q7) What do you see as the future for .ai domain name?

The main danger for these names is that AI will take over the planet, and domain names will become unnecessary altogether.
with about 750 .ai domains, he paid at least 1M to renew his domains in the past 12 years. I wonder if his past sale can cover his renewal fee.
Hmm, Can hardly label that an Interview, reads more like a short Namepros thread. I was certainly hoping to read more of an in-depth insight into his past strategy. (12 years is a long time) Despite my own cut-to-the bone attitude to AI domains. (OK cynicism) I do actually wish every domain investor well. I do give the man credit for not trying to overhype or overstate his own position. Not many of us are comfortable on a Q an A either
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