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  1. doofer

    doofer Established Member

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    Has anyone adopted a strategy of trying to sell lots of domains for relatively small margins over the 'quality over quantity' route !?

    By this I mean, trying to sell domains in large numbers but for say for example $50 profit rather than going for the long term hold to extract maximum roi.

    If so, where have you found the best sales venue to be & what sort of results have you had.
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  2. briguy

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    Personally, this is not my strategy but seems to be a strategy used on eBay of course another strategy is too price super high (AKA super ridiculous)
  3. Hypersot

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    I did that when I first started. Used to buy at $3 - $8 (.infos were great for that) and sell at around $25.
    Did that for 3 months with around $100-$200 net earnings/mo (that was ~5 years ago so earnings are only estimates)

    Best venue by far was GoDaddy.

    Note that I don't consider that as a viable way in selling domains. Back then I was trying to learn parking so all my domains had 'metrics', ie. moz, majestic, etc.
    Nowdays it's totally not worth spending time for good metrics just to sell for like $20+
    Time can be better spent elsewhere imo.

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