I'm planning a few years ahead. Am I crazy for wasting my time? - americasworldcup2026 dot com

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  1. MJadler

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    Just wondering what peoples thoughts on the following domains. I snagged them the day the world cup was announced. I plan to use this for personal purposes, but I was approached by United States Soccer Federation over copyright infringement over ussoccer2026 dot com which tells me I am doing something right. Any thoughts on how valuable these could wind up being

    americasworldcup2026 dot com
    americaworldcup2026 dot com
    fifaworldcup2026 dot soccer
    usasoccer2026 dot com
    ussoccer2026 dot com

    ***Edit*** To clarify my comment about. The line "which tells me I am doing something right" is in reference to a thought that "If Im not pissing someone off, Im not doing it right". Meant purely in jest. Also, the USSF sent me a Notice of Intellectual Property Infringement.
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  2. draco

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    How does them approaching you regarding copyright infringement tell you that you're doing something right? Did they say copyright or trademark?
  3. gilescoley

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    Wasting your time with these, people just go to the official FIFA website or use the FIFA app. Its been tried many times on here for soccer, cricket, olympics etc

    FIFA is a trademark as well so thats not a good idea either. You are not doing anything right. You are infringing on a trademark, dont risk a lawsuit, its not worth it.
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  4. JMbusiness

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    What about :) It's shorter. I am just kidding, your domain is indeed quite long, and as our colleagues have said, trademarks will be an issue here.
  5. NLP

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    The World Cup is global, even if it's hosted in the U.S. (I haven't kept up with the news), @gilescoley is right, people will just go straight to the official FIFA websites.

    The copyright infringement notice isn't an indication of value of the domain, or that people would ever visit it. It just means you're using a TM that's not yours. (A waste of time, in my opinion).

    These types of TM and "year-specific" names are a dime a dozen in the GoDaddy Auctions closeouts. All it means is that someone spent their hard-earned money (at least $8, or less with a coupon code) and threw it out the window.

    There are better names out there, without legal problems. Buy those.

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