If you run your business on .com, by the ccTLD of the main country of business.

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    A new client contacted me today. I checked their domain. They have been in business for 3 decades.

    Bought their .com in 1999.

    But their ccTLD. where the business is operating and also major market, is bought 3 years ago and is used by an escort site with nudes on the front page.:xf.eek:

    I realise it is not possible to buy lot of extensions, but if you are an established business, buy at least key extensions including ccTLD.
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    Tell them to change the business products to something related so they can get more traffic/sales: condoms, sex toys, etc...
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    Some people are so penny pinching.
    One of my friends who works online, using instagram, facebook etc, as a fitness consultant with thousands of clients (yes you got it right, but inlcuding ex client) was thinking twice when I told him his First name CCtld dropped and that he should buy it. The annual renewal is a big hassle for them lol
    I would have bought it for 20 years if my first name ever dropped in any pupular tls including us, uk, ca, co, in, de, it
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    I have seen divisions of companies spend five figures monthly on Google Adwords, buying ads in trade magazines, spending four figures monthly on SEO and lead generation services, spending well into five figures on website development services yet registering or renewing newbie-quality domains. Most attorneys bill their time in the $250-$400 / hour range but I have seen partners bill their time in the $1000/ hour range. I have done the accounting for plane expenses for a couple of companies. Fuel bills typically run low five figures while a maintenance bill can be six figures. Those invoices are paid without question but we all know the sort of pushback we get from end users over paying $XXX for a domain name.

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