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Being active in names for around ten years, only one question can make you super happy and skeptical at the same time: "How much"?

Out of the blue, you receive an email from an interested party asking you the price with only two words, with your domain in the subject. What you usually do in this case? Some options are:
1. Reply him with only writing a number, my honest number.
2. A complete reply, underlining the selling points of your name.
3. Send them its Dan or Afternic link with the BIN only in it.
4. How much you can afford/What's your budget?
5. Give a range eg. $xx,xxx
6. No reply at all. They know the way to send the offer. Let them make an official offer and accept it or reject it. Don't play the game of buyer to decrease the price.
7. This domain may be for sale only for a serious offer.
8. Give an over-price. They will counter, my name is too good to be worried.
9. Give an under-price. I want to sell fast in any case.
10. How much you think it's worth?

Obviously, it depends on the specific domain and every case is different. I want to know which is your most frequent answer.
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All my names are with BINs. I also don't enable Make offer when possible. If someone contacts directly, I just give them the BIN price. If they counter with reasonable starting number, I negotiate. If not, I politely reject.

95%+ of my sales are straight BIN or installment plan. What I like most about such setup is the reduced admin work required. Most sales don't require any engagement.
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