ICANN Public Comment Periods are a Sham

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    My latest blog post on, namely "ICANN Public Comment Periods are a Sham. All Public Comment Periods Should be Suspended Until a Full Investigation Has Occurred"

    discussing my submission (32 pages!) to the latest ICANN comment period on the GNSO Policy Development Process on IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration.

    All the other public comments can be read at:

    including that of the Internet Commerce Association.
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    Kinda sums it up here: 25 errors allowed! Sounds like a normal large corporation with decision by committee and no ownership or personal responsibility.

    “George, as part of your list of concerns, you provided an example of a document with 10 errors. At ICANN, documents with 25 errors or less are considered to meet our standards, thus there was no urgency in correcting it."

    And as you state: “There’s a saying that the fish rots from the head down, and it’s clear to me that Mr. Marby himself is part of the root cause of ICANN’s failings.”

    “In the situation of the IGOs in particular, the role reversal means that as a Defendant/Respondent in the court case, they might attempt to assert an immunity defense, an argument that would be impossible for them to have raised had they been the Plaintiff/Complainant from the start in the courts (their natural role, had the UDRP/URS not existed). In other words, the existence of the UDRP/URS step as a stage in the overall dispute could interfere with a domain registrant’s fundamental and natural rights (had the UDRP/URS never existed) to have the matter decided in the courts.”

    I didn’t realize this role reversal from my past reading until you mentioned it.

    And then you have where another variable gets thrown in, right?

    Read the entire pdf, you do cover a lot of ground and put much time and effort into this, it’s sad that you are unable to contribute in the policy making. Thanks for posting.
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    Well, the 2nd paragraph there was a "mocking" letter I wrote, i.e. what the ICANN CEO might write to me to try to explain why a document with 10 obvious errors isn't considered a problem. But, yes, their quality standards at ICANN are ridiculously low, given the shoddy work they routinely produce.

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