legal Our January 30, 2023 Comments to ICANN Regarding IGO Issues and Preserving The Rights of Registrants

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ICANN has a public comment period for the “Final Report from the EPDP on Specific Curative Rights Protections for IGOs“, which proposes to harm registrants’ rights, by making IGOs (integovernmental organizations like the UN) exempt from the mutual jurisdiction clause of the UDRP/URS. This would mean that a domain owner’s rights to judicial review of an adverse UDRP/URS decision would be prejudiced.

Our comments can be read on the ICANN site, along with all the other public comment submissions. [including those of the Internet Commerce Association]

The deadline for comments is later today (23:59 UTC time, January 30, 2023), so there are only a few hours left (as of the time of this post) to be heard. You might want to endorse the comments of those you agree with (perhaps us or the ICA), if you’re concerned about these issues and don’t have time to submit a detailed comment.

Our full blog post is at:
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