opinion ICANN Staff Ignore UDRP Public Comments That Don’t Fit Their Agenda

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ICANN staff recently prepared a “Revised Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) Policy Status Report (PSR)” for the consideration of GNSO Council, and to guide any future policy development at ICANN.

It was supposed to reflect the submissions that were submitted in the public comment period that ended in April 2022. However, I checked the report, and my submissions were ignored! While various pro-complainant (anti-registrant) suggestions were definitely included (e.g. changing the bad faith "AND" test to "OR"), pro-registrant changes like mine were not listed as having been submitted by the public!

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This demonstrates yet again that the ICANN public comment periods are a sham.
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Disgusting. Thank you for your service.
Well, can icann be taken to court? They need to be held to a high standard with so much at stake for domain holders!
No surprise. They also ignored the many thousands of comments against the .ORG private equity takeover.
In fact not only did they ignore them, they actively disparaged them.

There were thousands against and under (10) for it and they were largely on track to approve it. It was only after the California AG stepped in to investigate that they all of a sudden did the right thing and rejected it.

You also have the .COM/.NET agreements with Verisign. Somehow when the cost of technology is going down, the registration prices are going up.

Allowing a company to raise prices 7% a year via no-bid contract, just because they can is not acceptable. That is not a "multi-stakeholder" decision.

That contract should have been put on the open market for qualified bids. If is highly likely the prices would drop significantly if it was.

ICANN has long since abandoned their "multi-stakeholder" charter. All they are now is simply a stooge for corporate interests.

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