I registered some US domains, and it seems to be deleted and no refunds



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Registry Services, LLC (“Registry Services”), the Administrator of the usTLD, has agreed to perform random "spot checks" on registrations in the usTLD to ensure that they comply with usTLD Nexus Requirements which can be found at http://www.about.us/policies/ustld-nexus-requirements.

Our records indicate that you are the registrant of record for the domain name

On 7/20/2021, this domain name was reported as being non-compliant with the usTLD Nexus Registration Policy. According to the information you provided with your registration of the Domain Name, you indicated that you qualify under:

As part of our verification process, we asked that you provide to us by no later than thirty (30) days after the date set forth above, a written response with supporting documentary evidence to demonstrate how you qualify under the above Nexus category.

You failed to comply with our investigation and therefore your domain name has since been deleted. Since the Registration information for the selected .US domain failed due to non-compliance for the usTLD Nexus Policy, all related domains registered with the same matching contact information, if any, have been flagged for deletion. These domain names will be deleted without refund on the 5th business day, from the date of this notice.

See the domain names listed attached. If the list below or attached is blank, no additional domain names with matching contact information were discovered.

Is there any solution to avoid being deleted.


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sorry, chief, you have to be a us citizen same with dot ca, its very frustrating, i know.
No ..wrong..not necessary to be US citizen to own .US
Anyone can own .US long as "Non .US residents can own .US domains if they use them to operate a business that serves American customers"
More accurate is:
Regularly performs lawful activities within the United States related to the purposes for which the entity or organization is constituted (e.g., selling goods or providing services to customers, conducting regular training activities, attending conferences)
Non .US residents can own .US long as they can prove that maintains an office or other facility in the United States for a lawful business, noncommercial, educational or governmental purpose
Can be as individual or company for personal purpose or business
Non .US residents are under Nexus Category 3


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So how can US law firm hold them, as @dna stated?

EDIT: just to be clear, when I said IN PROXY it means in place of, or as a substitute.
By paper an agreement between parts
The domain will be under name of US law firm on reg. but if the person or company that is represent by law firm want to move the name ( as example ) from a reg. to another they can do
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I know of no law firm that specifically offers this "proxy" service,
but I am sure that I could easily find a law firm that would.

Go on whois to see who owns blood.us
Go on sedo to see the currency that blood.us is selling in.



There is also a big law firm that holds domain names to hide the identities of spammers.
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