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question How to unload your 6N,7N,8N,9N?

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Hello again NP,

If you are like me who got excited about Chinese premium numerics and reg 7N,8N etc etc.

I had this "light bulb" moment while flipping thru a local magazine for real estate properties for sale.

This particular magazine was ALL CHINESE REALTORS. hear me out. So while looking thru this mag. I realized something.

This mag was targeting a Chinese market. I noticed many things .

1. Most of these realtors had phone numbers that had NO 4's and sometimes no 0's. Which means they probably asked for this number or paid to get a "good" lucky number. I asked a Chinese realtor and he told me it's common practice.

2. Most have no personal websites of their own to promote their own listings which they are handling .

So here are some facts.

These realtors are targeting Chinese . Some here in the USA but many in China. Then I thought also about EB5 visas where a Chinese can get an immediate USA visa if they have $500k to invest in the USA . Enter real estate.

Create a real estate corporation. Put $500k into it. Then invest that $500k into properties and boom! You now have a USA visa.

Lol that's the short story.

So....... Needless to say the competition is fierce to get these investors.

1. Phone calls from China to a USA number will be complicated and expensive.
2. Most Chinese have internet on their phones.
3. If you as a realtor have just a "good" phone number maybe you won't get calls.
4. But what if you owned the 8N domain like Or even something random but with good repeats like how many Chinese (no offense Chinese ) can understand or relate or even think is lucky an email like [email protected] or would this be better and eye-catching to chinese?

[email protected]

Mind you . You can click a domain link on your mobile and be sent directly to a website.
Most buyers don't want to talk directly to realtor because they know they will be pressured to buy buy buy. But a numeric domain with lucky numbers? Like

For more info visit :

Domainers are too quick to dismiss the value of numerics past 4n and 5n and 6n.

But the market for such domains is not just big corps with deep pockets but the larger market is the little guy in these corps who want some domain they can afford that is "just as eye-catching" as say

If I show you yes you will click it if you are Chinese.

If on another website I show you

Are you saying that because it's not no one will click it?

Best part if you post this link as a hyperlink that's click able there really is no difference as both and will both be click able hyperlinks. Both EQUAL.

Think they won't click it out of curiousity ?

Don't have skills in web design?

No worries!

Get a Gmail and create Gmail docs and then link your numeric domain to these docs . And this Gmail docs you can update and change in real time with minimal effort. No need to hire a web designer.

I wouldn't try to sell long numerics to big companies waste of time. But instead sell to the lowly real estate agent.

Make sure the price is right if you just want to unload maybe $100-$250. Still good profit.

Just take into consideration your target buyer the lowly real estate agent.

This can also apply to any niche. Like car sales or used car sales targeting Chinese customers.

Even insurance. Mortgage etc etc.

Again don't target the business itself but the lowly worker who wants to get an "edge"

Hope this works for you. I'm about to try this.

Good luck!
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