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How To Transfer A Domain Name

Labeled as guide in Domain Beginners started by Bob Hawkes, Dec 10, 2018.


  1. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    After several discussions with end users who were new to domain names, it seemed to me that we needed a guide to show how fast and simple transferring ownership of a domain name is, along with a brief explanation of things like push, 60 day lock, etc.

    I wrote the attached guide, mainly intended not for domain investors (although it may be helpful for those very new to domains, hence the posting here) but rather potential end users. I plan to link to it myself when communicating with potential purchasers who have never bought a domain name. In case you would find it useful also, here is the link.


    Here is what is included:
    • A set of steps with fictitious names for the various steps in a transfer.
    • An explanation of the difference push vs transfer
    • A set of steps in doing a push.
    • A brief explanation of why there is a 60 day lock, and when it applies.
    • Registrar marketplaces as an alternative for transfer, and a step by step process
    • A reminder to update the DNS settings after a transfer
    I do not do registrar specific details in the document.

    It is the first in what will become a series intended mainly for domain novice end users.

    As always, welcome suggestions and comments.

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  2. ultradog

    ultradog Established Member

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    Seems like a good general outline of these things. You may want to remind the seller to check the contact info on the domain first, because if it’s wrong and needs to be updated, this might make a transfer impossible at some registrars (for 60 days).

    Also, what about adding links to the registrar-specific instructions pages for a few of the main registrars?
  3. Bob Hawkes

    Bob Hawkes formerly MetBob NameTalent Gold Account VIP Trusted Blogger

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    Although hopefully the person selling a domain name would have checked that before listing it, that is a good point I will add in next edit. Thanks.

    I find that some registrars have good transfer in but absent or poor transfer out instructions (for obvious reasons), but it probably is a good idea to include the links (at one point I considered embedding example transfers from some of the more common, but it was getting the document too technical looking. Once with an end user I sent to registrar instructions, and I think it left him feeling it was all too technical.

    Thanks for checking it out and the suggestions. I plan an edit in about a week's time after I have had a chance to get some feedback.

  4. vravis9

    vravis9 Top Member VIP

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    It's a good idea.

    Adds assurance to buyers (end users) to go ahead...and can reduce the fear of technical stuff..

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