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strategy How to Stop Low-ball Offers With One Counter :D



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so i bit the dust and reggae'd yesterday 12 domains for ... $73 (not $12 :'( ). I misspelled two, so I had to grace-delete fee and re-reggae... so it came out to $79 for 12.

But that night, I told my friend about my reggae and he said they were rly gud :tightlyclosedeyes: then COINCIDENTALLY one - two hours later, I got these 3 offers (btw afternic only sent me a notification about 1 offer... the other two I would've never known so you have to check your afternic dashboards like everyday even if you don't get an email!)

As you can see, I tried being reasonable with my initial counters, but I honestly thought it was my friend who was just pulling my leg XD. And even if they were legit, they just stuck to these xx offers.

So I decided to counter-troll my friend with the 1 mil offer... and then the counters stopped :O.

...And that's how you get rid of low-ballerz :tightlyclosedeyes:

fyi my friend ended up swearing it wasn't him.. so. :x


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