Handling Low Ball Offers

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Hi, I want to share with other beginners this nice article "Low Ball Offers", it is a practical guide to behave professionally in these situations.

"This person has even made you an offer. Yep, a huge offer of $10. So what should you do? Should you ignore them? Should you write back?"

"I’ve read and seen people make mistakes in handling a situation like this. The mistakes are…
  • Ignoring the offer
  • Replying angry at the offer
  • Giving them a ridiculously high price for the domain name so they leave you alone
Let me break down why these are all things you and I shouldn’t do when we are trying to sell a domain name."

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Thanks for sharing. It is incredible how many people ignore the low ball offers or get mad. I get excited =-D haha.

That simply means someone has interest in my domain and they are a potential buyer. This is the best way to look at it and you will be surprised how many of these low ball offers turn into some nice profitable sales.

- Will
Don't forgot to reply any lowball offers from endusers.

I reply with my asking price & mention similar they come to know the resale market price.