question How to sell domains directly to on-and-offline businesses?

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Hi namepros community,

Brand new to the scene here, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts/comments/knowledge in this thread.

My question pertains to how to go about selling domain names to online and offline businesses. Say you have a domain name called (for example sake), bestbarbernyc.com and would like to circumvent the whole GoDaddy auctions, Sedo marketplace, Ebay listings, Dan.com marketplace(which I know includes GoDaddy); by selling it direct to a business, how would you go about it?

Is it as simple as doing a search engine search for "barber in nyc" for this particular domain and then cold e-mailing sites that pop-up? Would you go through the more traditional Yellow Pages and reach out to registered businesses that don't show a website perhaps, would you go to a convention related to your website(s) and try to cold sell that way?

If you do cold e-mail businesses, is there a template e-mail that could be shared in this thread (unless already existing on this platform that my lack of knowledge hasn't found) to help speed up this process?

Thanks again for your time in helping out a new member of this amazing community!
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Everything you said is certainly do-able.

There is definitely a thread or two on here discussing outbound email strategies (the search function on this site isnt amazing so some perseverance is required).

There was also this thread posted earlier this week by Robbie I believe with some handy tips for finding possible leads on Google -


There is a whole wealth of information on the forum that will keep you in reading for weeks. Good luck!
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Appreciate your input, thanks for sharing! This site does seem to be a treasure trove of good info but it's quite overwhelming to find that needle in the haystack of info, as you astutely mentioned as well, the search function isn't the greatest.

I'm going to read through the link you posted, thanks again!
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