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    For the last few months I've been doing outbound for my first few domains (a bundle). In the email I tried to make it clear what was being sold and the potential uses of the domains.

    Specifically I said: "...these domains represent huge amounts of potential, including having them redirect to your website or spinning them off into an entirely independent, equally lucrative sports media property".

    After a few follow-ups I recently got this response back from one of the medium-sized companies:


    Yes, that's the whole email.

    So what's going on here - am I misunderstanding the meaning of some corporate speak or is the lead just misunderstanding what I'm selling? Are they asking me to reframe the sell in terms of how the domain could be used as part of a marketing campaign?

    For the record, the lead's role at the company is a "Relationship director", though I have no idea what exactly that means.
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    A relationship director be in overall charge of a team that deals with client relationships, finding new contacts and building relationships with them for potential new business, looking at new sales, cross sales, business development etc etc

    It is basically a glorified sales job with a new job title - think sales director and you won't find a lot of difference in the roles.....

    I also have no clue what that email means, looks like crossed wires somewhere.....
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    be engage with them explain clearly and you know maybe it can be your future business in the future may i ask? how many outbound email do you send? thank you

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