guide How to Detect "Black" (Stolen) Domain Names?

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We here present you The Most Comprehensive “Stolen Domain Name” Appraisal Techniques!

Investors have been complaining that the domain name's market is developing, while the security of domain names is not developing. Chasing back the stolen domain name is a suffering and hopeless process!

Nobody want to buy a domain name with a large amount of capital, which ended up that it is a stolen domain name!

Therefore, is coming to teach you how to identify "Stolen Domain Name"!

1. Check Whois Information

First thing we shall do is to check Whois information. If it is recently updated, you shall aware the risk. The seller usually wants to sell the stolen domain name as soon as possible!

2. Check Registrant in Whois Informaion

Search registrant's E-mail and see how many domain names he/she owns. If he/she owns a large portfolio of domain names, then he/she may be a real investor. If not, you shall be alerted.

3. Check Registrant on Line

Search registrant's information online and see what can you get. Investors always leave tracks at Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can see whether these information are connected and whether he/she ever has bad records.

4. Price is Much Lower than Market Price

The seller says he/she is short for money recently and want to sell the domain name quickly with a attractive low price. In the situation, you are not supposed to feel lucky and buy it at once. You shall think twice and check again.

5. Check Website History

Google this domain name and check if it was ever built into a website. If the seller is the website owner, it is a good indication of proof that the domain is not stolen.

6. View Domain Forums

Forums may have records of some stolen domain names. You can check these forums frequently and see if there are records.

7. Search IP Address

The buyers' E-mail IP is what can be checked. If you find it abnormal or inconsistent with what the seller says, the alert is on again.

8. Ask Transaction Platform for Advice

It is another feasible way. Whether other platforms will help I can not guarantee. While's customer service staff will surely help you!

After a review of all the Appraisal Techniques, I believe you've acquire the knowledge to identify stolen domain names.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us in here!
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nice list! always good tips and not too time consuming.
Nice quick read with valuable detective work everyone should take. Thanks for sharing!
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