question How many domains available by number of characters?

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I am working on a project, and part of it is to look at the total number of domains registered by extension (which was easy) - but then also the number of domains registered by number of characters for .com domains. So, there are XX 4 character domains, YY 5 character domains, etc.

Apart from downloading the entire zone file, is there a way to find this information? If not, and I need to calculate it manually, is there an easier way to get the .com zone file than submitting an application with VeriSign?

Note, I'm not necessarily needing super up to date data. I'm more looking for the total numbers and percentages, so if anybody has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Reading your post reminded of Domain Name Soup where you can search for names by number of characters.

Is that something that you want to do?

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