How do you handle REJECTION?

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How do you handle REJECTION?

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  1. Internet.Domains

    Internet.Domains Account Closed (Requested) VIP

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    How do you handle rejection whether selling a domain or purchasing a domain?....Over the years, I have seen people throw tirades if they went to purchase a domain and they got rejected. On the sales side, I have also seen some people become hysterical if they were in negotiations and it ended without a sale....How do you handle rejection?
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  2. korganian

    korganian Top Contributor VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Aww, the life of a salesman! Fear of rejection is the main reason there is a 90% failure rate in salespeople. The best way to handle it is to figure out your closing ratio and then consider each "no" as a step that gets you one step statistically closer to a sale.
  3. spooksy

    spooksy Established Member

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    A rejected transaction can be a business partner or buyer of the future. Just keep calm, take a moment to consider your pricing and bidding strategies and move forward. There's always the drop :xf.wink:
  4. Centaur

    Centaur Established Member

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    Suck it up and move on. Life is too short to keep on dwelling on rejections.

    TERADOMAIN VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    It is very easy to say no problem in front of others. But in real life our relationship should stay same regardless of deal or no deal. Winning and losing is part of life. We need to learn how to take it positively and move forward in life. Obstacles/problems are always there in life. We need to find our way regardless of anything comes our way.
  6. NPer

    NPer Very Allergic to CURRY PRO VIP

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    Buyers that come through platforms (that allow messages) or via whois email, do throw tirades if they can't get their way. They sometimes work themsleves up (or want you to think that to get a reaction out of you), but it's important to note that the behavior is actually quite common. It could be a tactic on their part ( a very bad one), but it's best not to react-otherwise you giving them the impression that their tactic worked. The best is just go on. Actually the best is to go in to every negotiation knowing that this type of behavior is one of the many outcomes that you can expect, that way you can move on without batting an eyelash.

    Some domainers get their hopes up with every inquiry, and have this type of reaction:
  7. iAchilles

    iAchilles Top Contributor VIP

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    You have to focus on the silver lining. When I don't get a name I'm after, there's many more great domains to buy.

    When a deal falls through, sure it's frustrating as hell, especially when it's a big sum involved, but you have to look at it like this, you're on the right track and you're picking up names that are in demand and that have commercial value. You can't lament over the fish that get away.
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  8. Julio

    Julio VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I can handle rejections fine.

    My problem is not rejection but making that initial contact with someone I never talked to before. I had a problem with trying to contact people through social media. Once I got through the fear of contacting people about my domain names I was sending out private messages like it was nothing.
  9. imadoer

    imadoer Top Member PRO VIP

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    If you can't handle rejection.

    You should quit.

    This business is full of rejection.

    Rejection doesn't phase me at all
  10. DomainVP

    DomainVP VIP

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    I don't understand OP's question...

    What is this rejection you speak of?

    I guess I have the Glenngary leads. :giggle:
  11. deez007

    deez007 The More I Learn The Less I "Know" VIP

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    Each rejections is one step closer to a sale!

    I recall a story of a traveling salesman... he had a pocket full of tiny pebbles in one pocket and the other pocket would be empty... each time he went door to door selling his product..whenever he was rejected, he would take a pebble from the one pocket and put it in the empty pocket... with each rejection he would walk away smiling whilst taking a pebble and putting it in the other pocket. He would smile because with each pebble that moved from one pocket to the other he knew he was getting closer to a sale. When he got a sale he would restart the process.

    As much as rejection can be frustrating, it happens to all of us and we are not immune to getting frustrated...but we can choose to dwell on the frustration or choose to process it and move on.

    Rejection is neither good nor is completely neutral, it does not choose what emotional state to put the person receiving rejection in. The only person that has a choice in the emotional state or what energy/vibration that particular incident of rejection has it the person receiving it.

    Everything around us... from the conversations on the forum to the conversations with people in our lives to the interactions we have on the road whilst driving, to just about everything thing that happens to use every second of the day... is basically RAW DATA... loads and loads of RAW DATA.....when it hits our processing unit (Our brains & hearts (yes our hearts can process data)) then we decide how to process this RAW DATA... how we process this data determines our emotional state. We are always told that we have NO control of what life may throw at us....this may be true but there is one thing that we ALL have full control off... That's our emotions and how we chose to react. Often we go around saying stuff like "That S.O.B p*ssed me off and he made me lose my temper so I knocked him the fck out" - I am also guilty of losing control at times but I realize now that ...nobody can "p*ss you off" or make you lose your temper.... it's completely in your control, we choose to get angry or upset, purely based on how we process the RAW DATA. Don't get me wrong there are times when getting upset is called for....but realistically that's probably only about 1% of the time (like in a self defense situation) - but here again not lose your temper, get upset but stay in control.... Instead we end up getting upset over really trivial and pointless stuff....we have been conditioned and brainwashed into getting upset over things that really have no bearing what so ever.... want proof? Have you seen how passionate and angry some guys get when you tell them that their favorite football team are a bunch of useless cross dressing fools... some guys would get furious and want to rip your head off.... fights break out in pubs around the world when rival football/soccer teams are playing. Essentially, if we look at the bigger picture...what are they fighting over? Basically their team of 11 guys wearing a certain color outfit that are kicking a ball from one side the field to the other side, 11 guys who don't give a flying [email protected] about you AND chances are you will never meet. Yet they are willing to fight for them passionately as if they were their own brothers or best friends. These same fools who are so passionate about 11 guys kicking a round object on a patch of grass would not bat an eyelid over far more serious issues like people starving or human rights violations, people getting killed in masses because of stupid pointless wars. They would not show any compassion for those sort of issues but would passionately fight for 11 guys, wearing the same colored clothes kicking a round object on a patch of grass.

    Lol, I know I went way off on a tangent here...hhahah sorry for that :)
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  12. slader23

    slader23 Always On The Bleeding Edge. VIP

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  13. john de laine

    john de laine Established Member

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    try not to get emotionally attached to your domains, if you cant get a seller to drop their price to a level you want (remember, most of your profit is made on the buy side) then shrug it off and walk away, try another name, dont buy unless you get it at a price you want, and if they wont sell it to you, try another name until you gradually get some names

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