Help NP! Should I drop my .IDN's &'s?Renewals suck!

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    Hello NP,
    As per this interview on DomainSherpa with Simon Cousins from Allegravita. Located here.

    watch the video here.

    The interview above mentions .idn chinese domain sales which are also mentioned here.

    The Top 10 list of highest IDN New gTLDs (includes prices that are related to domain packages including the keyword in different variations):
    游戏.在线 25,388 US-Dollar
    赌场.在线 25,000 US-Dollar
    房地产.在线 16,000 US-Dollar
    租赁.在线 15,500 US-Dollar
    比特币.在线 14,388 US-Dollar
    房地产.中文网 10,000 US-Dollar
    俱乐部.在线 7,100 US-Dollar
    名表.在线 6,400 US-Dollar
    销售.在线 5,588 US-Dollar
    优惠.在线 4,100 US-Dollar

    I made some purchases of domains with these extensions.

    .中国 ( I figured since the creators of .cn created this .idn it would do well as .cn has. plus the "success" of the .idn's below)

    At the risk of sounding like a cry baby (look at my profile photo lol) I feel this Allegravita interview and the article @ is a bit misleading. Unless of course sales of domains with such extensions are happening not on SEDO but privately or on and chinese sites.

    The interview and the Article "paints a picture" that investing in .idn chinese domains will be BIG.


    Here's what I've learned lately.

    1. Direct from the mouth of Chinese domainers. There is no demand for any domain with .idn.
    2. It's difficult for Chinese to switch back and forth on their phones from western to Idn to back. (my question for this is. why switch? why must they switch keywords? I have IDN.IDN domains so they won't have to.) Yet some Chinese domainers say that China is "stuck" on using western characters to "sound out" chinese pinyin.

    So my question now is should I renew?. My registrar obviously wants my money to renew my .IDN domains and I'm hesistant.

    here's the problem I see RIGHT NOW with .IDN domains

    1. On SEDO yes. you can list them but if you check only 3-4 IDN.IDN domains have bids or offers. The rest have the minimum starting reserve offer that SEDO sets for IDN domains. Which from the looks of it HAS NO BIDS OR OFFERs. Plus if you check the auction section. Not ONE or IDN.IDN or etc etc is listed.
    Is it just because domain owners feel it's a wrong move to pay to list a domain for auction? Would it not go high?

    2. On I've just been informed that YES you can LIST a .中国 for BIN but NOT AUCTION. say what? and I think ( didn't ask but looks like none are listed on .中文网 and .在线 too are not supported.
    So where the hell can you sell your keyword.IDN and IDN.IDN and even Numbers.IDN domains?

    You can "sell" on your .中国 but only as BUY IT NOW and even then from what I've seen. Not much activity. LOTS OF VIEWS. Seems as though pricing HIGH for whatever domain gets "views" for domains but ZERO offers or bids. so what's the point?

    3. does support the auctioning of .中国 but then the problem there is that you need to have a mobile or landline number in China??? Say what?? so that means I'll need to get a SIM from ChinaCom for $25 (lowest) to get a China number. which will last only 90 after activation. Oh and for this SIM card you MUST send over your passport to China Gov which is required to get a Chin SIM.

    so thee ONLY place to auction .中国 is Ename but it's a hassle.

    So are sites like DomainSherpa and Allegravita and just pawns or paid off to put it out there that these domains with these extensions will be valuable and show us some reported high sales to create buzz?

    As it stands. No one is buying Pinyin.IDN or IDN.IDN or Numbers.IDN (Chinese)

    so should I just drop these Bull**** domains or what?
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