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    Are the expired domains being sold on godaddy auction being sold by the seller or is it godaddy selling the domain names after the owner couldnt renew them.
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    It's GoDaddy that sells and profits 100% from the expired domains sold on their auction platform. Effectively they take ownership of the domain and sell it (I'm not sure what the status is legally called).

    They do have agreements with other registrars and also auction expired domains from those other registrars .. but in those cases it's essentially the same thing from the buyer's (us domainers') perspective (same prices, all domains are mixed in together), it's just that there is also an unknown profit split between GoDaddy and those other registrars. That being said, if you win an expired auction/closeout, you also pay the renewal to GoDaddy at the same time, and even if the expired domain came from another registrar, the domain will end up in your account at GoDaddy.

    For GoDaddy expired domains, by the time the auction is won (day 35 after expiration .. or after that when an expired domain is acquired at Closeout), the original owner is no longer able to renew the domain (in theory you can't renew at GoDaddy after around day 30). However some other registrars allow the original owner to renew their domains until the final day before registry redemption (day 42), so on rare occasions your auction win (or closeout acquisition) will be cancelled (you will be refunded if you paid anything).

    In theory all the domains on my daily lists here at NamePros and at NameCult are expired domains (links in my signature). Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know! :)
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