This List of Codes has been compiled through the many additions of NP members. This thread could not survive without the community effort, thanks to everyone.

Please continue to post more codes and deals as you find them.

You will find the current codes in the last few pages of the thread.
** Please let us know if you find any current code not working so we can update them **
Post just the code; no live links; example of code only: gdbba776 good for x
No Tutorials. Just the code.
Affiliate codes are allowed!
No links
No 3rd party site coupons (all coupons must be GoDaddy directly)
Enjoy the discounts!​

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Important Note
Please note that this thread is only for information that directly leads to discounts at GoDaddy.

If you are looking to discuss the recent changes to GoDaddy's promo code policy, please use this thread.

If you have been banned from GoDaddy as a result of alleged promo code abuse, please use this thread.
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i am a bit new to godaddy codes.

how often do they release discoutn codes for say 99cent domains? can one apply several codes within same account to purchase several domains like this?

are there any limits at all, or it's really just all about how many codes one can find.. and when they expire?