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    Hi guys,

    So I sold a fair share of domains over the years (mostly inbound), but I never tried starting a 7-day Godaddy Auction.

    I decided to test it out and listed a .tv which I have received a few offers on in the past.

    It seems a lot of people are having great success on the platform, their auction getting MANY bids, even in the hundreds for "seemingly" not always that great names (my opinion only).

    My question is after listing the auction, paying for "featured" listing and sitting and waiting, what else do people do to get views on their auction? It seems the featured listing is flooded with names as well. How do you make your name stand out. Should one consider paid ads like on NP, DNW, Namebio, DNJournal and other domain blogs? Perhaps DSAD?

    I guess in respect to marketing/advertising an auction, Godaddy is no different then say Flippa, SAV, Dynadot, etc...or am I really missing something here?

    Any advice (personal experience) would really be appreciated.

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