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    Since getting into this business seriously about six months ago, I've focused almost solely on commercial domains. So what's a commercial domain? At least from my perspective, commercial domains are where the money is:xf.wink:. Whether it's the healthcare industry, the financial services industry, the real estate industry, the big ticket industry (cars and boats), the retail services industry, or the travel/vacation industry, that's where the real money is imho. In addition, I focus on special niches within each industry, and try to create a small portfolio of domains within that niche. For example, I've recently accumulated about 20 domains in the loan services industry (total investment of $100)

    Maybe it goes without saying, there's more money to be made buying domains for commercial reasons, and it also needs to be pointed out to those who buy and accumulate mostly social type domains, you'll more than likely struggle:xf.frown:. Reviewing my portfolio, the domains I started buying a little over a year ago were mostly sharing a message that I could put on a tee shirt like BS Happens, Liberty Happens or Simply Irresistible. While I may have been first to market with names like these, and I could put a little (tm) beside their name, the real value was more along the "Life is" tee shirt business. It's interesting that the domain sold for 2.6M in 2011, but guess what? It was 56th on the list of the top 250 domain sales starting with that sold for 90M over 25years. Actually, most of the domains in the top 250 are commercial domains.

    I guess my bigger point is, if you're looking to make money in this business, focus on commercial names.That's what puts bread on the table, and what's leftover is for starving artists domainers:xf.frown: Good Luck with whatever you do:xf.wink:
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