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debate Funny comeback lines from endusers.... do you have one?

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so I got this reply below today... thought I'd start a thread to showcase some good/funny/odd ones.. feel free to share.. discuss.. maybe we all learn something in the process.. enjoy.... p.s. not necessary to share name.. but its entirely up to you if you wanna... prices are not required either... but can be helpful when analyzing comments...

me at $3500
buyer at $200

"no thanks I can not afford it is an absurd figure for a domain by changing a letter I buy it for 54 $ so it is not convenient. greetings good day"
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Me: Sure it's a great name...that's why I am asking 4995
Them: Well, we just want it for a short term school project so 400 is as much as we can pay
Me: Please feel free to come back if it develops into a long term project...but for now, and for the next 24 hours, I will make the buy it now price 3200

No more response from them other than buying the name within 30 mins of me setting the new price.

Hope they got a good grade! :ROFL:


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Can I give a couple funny comebacks I gave?

Inquiry from buyer (during negotiations):

"Hi Ben, sorry for not getting back to you we are still thinking about it.

1 questions, do you own the domain ""?

Thanks, Nimrod

my response:

"Fitting question, as you have left me in limbo on this deal.. :/

But no, I do not own that domain. If you want it though, just register it at a registrar. It is not owned by anyone.

- Ben


another inquiry:

"I’d like to offer a generous $15 for

— Jerry=

my response:

"Well, that's a good one. Thanks for the laugh.

On a more serious note, as you've admirably displayed, is an
all-in-one wonder, containing both the punchline and the laugh in one

$1400 for you.


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