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Hello once again, how is everyone? missed me? no? but I missed you i missed NP, its nice to be back, i had some emergency due to which i became inactive at namepros before 1 year or so 14 months maybe. The emergency was such that i couldnt keep online. then to get over with it, to refresh myself i got heavily into the things i love like fitness gym body building ( i am on verge to become fitness trainer, gave time to my other passion like off roading with bikes or playing musical instruments, meeting old friends, alongwith that lots of travelling, dating, chilling etc. I also spent lot of time with my parents and family specially my father who lived in diff country for his work and he had finally retired.

I took a break from everything to enjoy the other side of life as prior to that i was stuck for more than year at my home because of lockdown so i needed that all badly. Although i hardly registered/bought any domains in past one year or so, still my sales were going great mostly. (like before i will share some of those in report completed thread) as sales were going fine thats why my this break became longer and longer.

When russia-ukraine war began earlier this year and economy started to get affected. my sales went down still i was very satisified and content with overall result in for more than past 1 year specially when i was not working on domains just travelling, chilling, working out at gym, dating, bike rallies, having fun etc except transferring or renewing the domains and completing the sales by sharing auth code or pushing the domain. that too i didnt do well as i lost out on some valuable domains due to missing out on renewals at registrars like sav.

coming back to sales it kept falling from war time, then this july (last month sales came in single digits and i didnt had any sale above 5k in whole month which is rare for me specially this combination, then this august it fell further first 2 weeks just 2 sales again all low 4 fig so that ended my honeymoon and felt like a signal that i had enough break now its time to get back.

On a side note - during this my break i also got into crypto, just kind of time pass and last year it was highly successful luck was on my side, i made 3-4x of my investment i should have cashed out as i lost all that this year still the experience was fun and i will HODL till it gets back.

On domains i did nothing, no research or studying about any sales or trends, just reading 1-2messges in few whatsapp groups while scrolling for 30-40 seconds once in amonth. in this i managed to note, web3 web5 nft trends/sales also lot of dot xyz sales. other than these i hardly noted anything in domaining world. there are few domainers from whom i used to buy domains in reseller price, when i was not active on NP, they reached out to be on whatsapp so i did bought few domains from them.

Since i could afford to and also as an experiement what i tried in past 8-10 months or so, is to not negotiate at all with the buyer and be absolutely firm on my asking price, i did lost very close sales in this way, like losing 3K sale when i was asking 3.5K. or losing 4800 sale when i was asking 5K or losing 7999 sale when i was asking 9500. some buyers also used to get an ego such way. still my overall result was satisficatory although by not much, the ratio of success 60-40.

Since russia-ukraine war begain ( april-may) not only my sales started to fall down but also one thing i noted that i was getting too many low ball offers which only kept increasing with decreasing sales, maximum low offers.

besides of course my income sales for me give motivation to do better, sales are like fuel to me to work on domain names. So in order to get started again, i ended my policy/experiement of no negotiation after 8 months or so and i compromised a lot in pricing in last 15 days and i got more than few sales, most were by contacting back/outbouding.reaching out to the potential buyers. i did this mainly to keep myself motivated to start again.

during this my break like everytime my majority of sales came from afternic (premium listing) approx 42.3% of total sales, surprisingly/amusingly/unexpectedly approx 10% of my sales were private. 15% of sales were from brandable marketplaces BB and SH, 29.6% from dan where i park majority of my domains, rest from my sedo very few sales.

So this was about me, what about you ? whats new or interesting in domaining ? how you have been all? hope you all are doing good. Looking forward to hear from many members here.
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I haven't been here for a long time either But its good to see you bro. Glad you still making sales..🤑🤑🤑🤑

Hey bro. happy to see you here. Really long time since we last interacted. Hope you are also doing good and having great sales.
Welcome back to NP and congratulations!