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Hello everyone!

It was in July 2020 when I received an offer of $4,000 on (acquired the domain in partnership with Jamie Zoch) which was then revised to $5,750 as the best and final offer. At that time the BIN was $12,888. I declined. A month later the buyer came up with $9,000. Again the offer was declined.

Fast forward to 1st April 2022, the buyer came up with $20,000 (with BIN at $50,000 this time). I said that I’ll be accepting very close to the BIN. The buyer came up to $26,000 and said it’s their max budget. Again their offer was politely declined. I gave a deadline during which the buyer didn’t make a reasonable offer to be accepted.

Then on 27th May 2022, Afternic broker was able to bring the buyer up to $41,000 but because I’ve revised the BIN to $100,000, I said to give them $50,000 as floor price and provide them with a 10 days deadline for accepting the offer. Otherwise I won’t be selling even at this price in the future.

And today I got the good news that the domain is sold for $50,000!

Many congrats and thanks to my Afternic rep, the broker and my long time friend and partner Jamie Zoch!

Feel free to give any feedback no matter how good or good it is :xf.wink:
Out of a sense of curiousity, these are the valuation tools as of today:

GoDaddy estimated value $3840
Estibot $1500
Nameworth $2450

Aren't you glad you didn't use the automated online estimators to establish the selling price?! :unsure:

I've never relied on any appraisal tools. I don't care what they appraise any domains at. It's just waste of time.

You may want to check this


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Congratulations Abdulbasit on this sale and thanks for sharing your negotiation tactics. If I may ask, what made you kept increasing the BIN. From $12k to $100k within three years. Are there any underlying metrics that informed your decision?
I don’t find it comfortable sharing it here.
12,884 Congrats!!!

It's great to see one of you sales stories again. Always a interesting read.

Curious, what's the ratio between your min offer and bin, did you have a min set with the 50K ? Or did you set your Min to same as BIN 50K?

Thank you so much!

As the amount in increases, the gap between the BIN and Minimum keeps increasing. So for 50K BIN, I set $19,888 as Minimum. But for all of my domains the BIN and Floor prices are always the same right from the start.
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