For your incoming offers, do you use a broker or do everything yourself?

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who negotiates with your incoming offer leads?

  1. I do it all myself

  2. I let broker/saleagent handle all of it

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  1. alcy

    alcy Active Member VIP

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    wanted to take poll and get comments on how most of you handle incoming leads.. all on your own? or using broker?

    feel free to comment, vote and discuss... particularly interested to know about which broker companies may be best.. afternic.. uniregistry... undeveloped.. etc.. or where you had most or least success...

    also, generally speaking do you guys see letting brokers handle all negotiations as them perhaps being too busy to do things properly (too many other domains/leads, etc)... or do you generally feel they go all the way and do all thats possible...

    obvious questions come to mind.. like... why would they care to work hard to sell the smaller sales.. say 3 figure ranges... when their payment for them would be so small... and/or while during that time they could be working on bigger commission sales..

    personally, I like to negotiate with buyers myself.. I simply enjoy the process.. but at the same time I canot ignore the fact that brokers have huge databases of past sales.. see if buyer may have bought somethibgn before.. how much they paid.. if have deep pockets or not.. plus some brokers may truly have 20 or so years of experience.. which though no guarantee of success.. does have to mean something when they negotiate.

    thoughts? ty
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  2. creataweb

    creataweb Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Small crappy sales = me handling it
    Larger sales = no probs using a broker if needed (y)
  3. Asfas1000

    Asfas1000 Active Member VIP

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    Similar to @creataweb

    You need to add a third choice, "use broker some times".
  4. Furquah

    Furquah The Captain VIP

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    I recently got an inbound offer, I wanted to handle it with myself but I didn't get trust from the buyer when I asked them to pay first. Then I have told them about Undeveloped (as I don't wanted to pay much commision) but again my buyer refused it. So we closed that deal using Godaddy and I ended giving Godaddy a cut which they didn't deserve.

    Sometimes we have lots of options but we end with buyer choice.
  5. frank-germany

    frank-germany xpired domain search engine Gold Account VIP

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    I have never met a broker
    who could negotiate properly
  6. Kate

    Kate Domainosaurus Rex VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    What would a broker do better if you already have the lead ?

    Although I could see the purpose if there is a language barrier between both parties. But then I think it's too late, the broker should have been hired from the get go.
    If the buyer came straight to you, it is to deal with you and not some unannounced middleman.
  7. Kpett

    Kpett Established Member

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    If you already have an "incoming offer," what would you need a broker for? I don't see any advantages to using a broker then based on the reasons you gave in your OP. Database of buyers? Previous deals? Each deal is different and should be treated as such.

    Also, if you are not able to negotiate a fair price on your own, than maybe you shouldn't be in this business.

    As far as the actual transaction, there are many options you can use, from PayPal/Credit Card (direct to you), to Escrow (split commission, buyer pays, or seller pays), to 3rd party marketplace like GoDaddy (as mentioned above). I had a buyer that did not want to pay me directly first, so I negotiated an additional 20% on top of our already-agreed to price, placed the domain as a Buy Now on GoDaddy (with the add'l 20%), then the deal went through. Yeah, GoDaddy got a piece of the action for really not doing anything, but it allowed the deal to go through.

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