interviews Finding The Flame Buying and Selling Domains with Dennis Tinerino

Spaceship Spaceship

As the son of hall of fame bodybuilder and 4-time Mr. Universe, Mr. America, Mr. Natural America, and Mr. World, Dennis Tinerino is sculpting a body of work in the domain industry as his father, his namesake, once did a professional bodybuilder for over 3 decades.

In a recent podcast, Dennis graciously shares how familial roots and a career in sales landed him in the crosshairs of domain investing and development. Dennis then shares why he chose to focus on hand-regging domains as well as developing domains in the web directory communities.

And last but not least, Dennis has 3 exclusive domain offerings by way of a digital scavenger hunt as well as a FREE FOR ALL domain investing resource to all listeners… so tune in all the way to the end for more details.

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