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The saddest thing is that I have the money,

but I can't get the domain name I want;

And the much sadder thing is that

I can not even get in touch with the owner!

Today DN Class is going to share with you these unique cheats to acquire contact approaches in buying domain names.

1. the Most Basic One: Check Whois.

Usually, you can always get something from Whois information.


2. Check Whois History.

Nowadays, more and more investors get skilled at protecting their domain names' Whois information. Still, we can acquire some information from Whois History, for not all the domain names' information is protected before.

3. Visit Websites

This is quite easy yet forgettable. If the domain name was ever built for a website, then we may find some contacts.

4. Information for the Record.

Besides, there is record information can be used. Can you find Website Info in website? That is the place you can get something too!

5. No Reply from one E-mail Address.

If you sent message to an investors E-mail address and did not get an answer, you may need to find another E-mail address! Most investors owe more than one E-mail address. Some are commonly used, some are less used. If the email in not free account, check mail suffix domain names' other E-mail addresses.

6. Search Domain Name Owner's Name

If you still did not get any replies, try to search owner' s name in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc..

7. Contact Registrar

It' s quite rare when all the above approaches fail to work. But if they do, why not try to contact registrar? If you know someone in the domain name' s registrar' s company, you have the chance to get the deal done!

8. Turn to Investors for Help.

In this approach, you are supposed to have powerful people connections. Then you can turn to your investor friends to contact the owner or registrar. Friends do helps a lot!

9. Turn to Lawyers for Help.

Famous companies and investors usually have personal lawyers, in this way, if you can get in touch with lawyers, you have only one step to get the domain name you want!

10. Turn to Brand Protection Provider

Same to lawyers, brand protection provider is another way to contact owner!

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