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Epik marketplace bugs



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Since all marketplaces suck, and they insist on sucking, and ignore any
feedback, I prefer to sell at registrar marketplaces.

At Epik marketplace there are a few obvious bugs, they
don't try to fix. So I mention them once more.
(reminding two of them)

1. People give all their info, and send a blank message.
this is abnormal. Obviously Epik is not doing something correctly.
There must be a filter erasing messages, otherwise why would
almost everyone send a blank message after typing all their info.

2. When I click negotiation windows, Epik shows bottom of
that page sometimes, which look like a contentless page.
You need to scroll up to see that actually there is some content above.
But endusers will never see that content, because there is no reason to scroll the page up.


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Negotiation window is what I see when I click , "New", "Pending", "Rejected" (under account>marketplace offers). A potential buyer sends a message or make an offer, and it becomes (or can be seen at) a negotiation window (page) (for example at Dan , they use popups, at Epik they are normal webpages).
Number 2: doesn't always happen, may be happening 10-20 percent of time.
I chat about such things,.. and nothing happens. At best you say you will contact your tech team.
You can see that on the attached image above, the page is scrolled down (see the right side).
I didn't scroll it down, it was already like this, a big turn off, because it is like an error page.
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