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    I like Epik's marketplace: it allows instant transfer, just like Namesilo. Also it doesn't give hints about races of sellers like Sedo. (Dynadot, whenever I try it, they say, domain is in cancellation period, then I wait and forget )

    Their new landing page seems to track visits. A major improvement.
    EDIT: not tracking visits, only tracking marketplace visits. I don't think anyone would go to Epik's or Namesilo's marketplace and search for something seriously. except sellers searching their own domains. Or when a marketplace includes all mls/dls domains in their search function then people would search domains there.

    Afternic and Sedo are special in the sense that they have partners.

    But I'm wondering if using Epik as landing page is a good idea. I mean, how would you compare it with Dan or Efty. I asked some critical questions in a message and Undeveloped totally ignored it, which makes me not use it. Epik is just the opposite. (Edit: Efty answers questions quickly)

    If you have to choose "buy now" option at one marketplace for each domain, which marketplace would it be?
    : registrar's marketplace, Sedo, Afternic, Dan, none ?

    If we look at things from buyer's perspective, they need to trust seller and/or marketplace. Not sure what can be done about this.

    PPC: Sedo or Bodis? Some domains gets tons of traffic (edit:at Sedo) and there are no clicks or earnings. Something wrong with this.


    Let's say I park a domain at Epik and plan to sell it at a fixed price. Should it be on Afternic dls or should BIN be chosen at Epik's marketplace for faster sale?
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  3. CJ6

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    Epik has less commission. I price my domains less at Epik for ease... I get paid immediately and it's much less hassle. I prefer sales happen at Epik. I prefer my commission go to Epik rather than a system that hasn't been updated in 10 years.
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    I trust all big marketplaces in terms of payout (except when they require ID), and commission percentage is not a big deal, as long as things are transparent enough (buy sell prices are the same).

    Main problem is: Selling (fast), and for a good price.
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    Hi All
    It is an excellent time to share the new and initial designs for the marketplace pages.

    Marketplace Homepage:
    Archive Page:
    Domain Listing Page:

    Some of the new features that are planned for the marketplace:
    Enhanced filtering and search features
    A simplified view of domain lists
    Updated Domain Listing page, which should link better with the domain parked page
    Mobile-friendly interface
    Better Search engine optimization
    Improved page load time

    Besides the features above, there is a lot more that I didn't mention.
    We may post the final designs once we finalize them.

    I have enabled comments on these mockups, so if you have an account with Invision-App, which is free, please do provide feedback. Will be very helpful for us.

    Thank you
  6. Rob Monster

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    Thanks in advance for folks who have an eye for this. Your input and co-creation of a better marketplace is greatly appreciated. This is a big part of what has allowed Epik to make large leaps is that we have engaged fresh eyes with good ideas and are often humbled by the caliber of the input we get from time to time.

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