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    8:08 PM - valued at $1154. Our price: 269 euro. - valued at $1230. Our price: 329 euro. - valued at $1195. Our price: 229 euro. - valued at $1250. Our price: 319 euro. - valued at $1229. Our price: 159 euro. - valued at $1058. Our price: 229 euro. - valued at $1132. Our price: 229 euro. - valued at $1548. Our price: 319 euro.
    (Valuation by GoDaddy).

    Should you decide to purchase two or more names, discount will be 10%.

    Some of the similar domains that are currently offered for sale online (not ours): - priced at 2098,69 euro - priced at 2442,01 euro - priced at 1767,19 euro - priced at 2098,69 euro

    Those domains are perfect for hospitality, leisure and travel industries.
    They are great assets for government sectors promoting their states, incoming travel agencies, tour operators or guides. These names can serve educational purposes or may be used for information portals or travel blogs.
    Resellers will be perfectly profiting from those names once covid is defeated and tourism is back.
    All names are of two words only, ''dot com'' TLD, no hyphens or numbers.
    Absolute majority of similar names for other states are already taken and registered.
    These names are available right away, and can be pushed to any domain registrar you prefer. They can be fully yours within 24 hours.
    Currently all names are hosted with with 8,5 euro renewal yearly fee (next renewal on June 13th, 2021).

    PM if interested.
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