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    We’re ImprovMX, an email forwarding service that redirects custom domain emails to a unified inbox. We’ve been working on a lot of features to support domain investors that have a large portfolio including bulk import, an easy and clutter-free interface and API access to provide for full integration if needed.

    You can easily create a [email protected] address (or anything else, really!) for all of your domains that point to one unique inbox, so that you don’t have to monitor hundreds of inboxes separately. We also believe that having a custom email address for your parked domains could potentially increase the value thanks to the "uniqueness" feel of the domain for buyers. Having a specific contact address per domain can help make the domain look more human and approachable.

    We would love to have you onboard and get your feedback on how to make our solution even better for domain investors!

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    I just tried this service, and it works great.
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    I have been using it for a long time for my website domain. can also send email using gmail smtp without using the gsuite service.
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    Hey ImprovMX,
    I was wondering when you'd decide to join nP :D
    Welcome !

    I used your service in the past, it was not a too bad experience, however as a developer and domainer myself, I quickly get limited by the free plan features (and it was offering more on the free plan in the past)
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    I guess we'll take "not a too bad experience" as a compliment :D Joke aside, I get your comment about the free plan being a bit too limiting from the use case of someone that owns many domains. We are thinking about our pricing tiers and see if we could index the domain limit on the amount of emails that transit through us. For domain investors this is typically very low, so we could allow for much more domains.

    Feel free to reach out at [email protected] mentioning this thread and I can manually lift your free plan limit higher ;)

    Happy to have finally joined nP!
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    Hi... Welcome to namePros!

    i Just landed here after clicking the ad on nP under the chat. Pretty cool to see an ad redirect to a nP thread! Upon landing on the ImprovMX home page, I would live to give credit where it's due 🙌


    Good point.

    upload_2021-1-20_21-33-23.png ... ouch.

    Nice recovery!

    At first look, your comments suggest you are on the right track of how to attract more domain investors. 👇

    Consider the results from a 2020 Poll that asked nPers how many domains were in their keeper portfolio, as a market gage.


    About 60% of domain investors have over 100 domains (and that's just of the keeper pile). If we wanted to set up email addresses for each domain, and possibly send (only a few per day) outbound emails, or receive marketed emails/catch-all, it would cost most of us a minimum of $49 per month for the 1,000 domain plan.

    Maybe that's on par with the competition, and not sure how much turning on catch-all emails will effect traffic rates (as some domains receive far more than others), but as you mentioned, curating a domain investor packing with more domains/less traffic might be more attractive to domain investors. Ideally, I would be interested in seeing varying drop down options (similar to how insurance agencies customize packages) to allow for more customized packages.

    (eg, if I select the 1,000 domain Business Package at $49/month, I'd be curious to know the sliding pricing scale if I adjusted the amount of emails sent per day by varying option. 2,000 seems like a bit much, and $49 might be a little steep if it was only used to send a few emails per day.)

    Some months (while the amount of domains may remain the same) the amount of emails I send may be wildly different, so having an option to pay less when I am not active, and more when I am, would be an attractive benefit as well.

    In the mean time, I might consider setting up a premium plan, to test the service. If I am to understand the pricing service correctly, you can only receive (can't send) emails using the free tier?

    Anyways, please keep us posted if/when ImprovMX adds additional/varying pricing tiers!
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