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I was not very active in domain business in 2007-2009 interval.
My first .com sale above low-3 figures was in 2018 or maybe 2019.

So how did domain business do during 2008 crisis?
I think prices of everything might have gone down for a short period of time.
Was domain market affected significantly in those days, if so, in what way?
Maybe someone can post a chart about number and volume of reported sales.

We are living in an artificial deflation, and it will get "worse", but may not last long.
On the other hand the world will change as well, so it is not clear how our domain
investments will perform afterwards.

Are we supposed to drop domains, or asking prices by half (or both)?
I don't want to drop any. because each has potential, but in normal times.
Maybe we will never see any normal times anymore.
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Any crisis that causes people to finally start their own business and take control of their life is good for domains. During the 08-09 fin crisis and the pandemic domains did well and so did hosting companies, registrars designers, developers and business course sellers.

Most quality domains are very reasonably priced and payment plans are becoming very common. This is great news for those looking to start a venture.