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London-based software engineer James Williams has steered everyone's attention towards domains that are even shorter than the widely known g.co or m.me.

Although the vast majority of internet domains contain TLDs separated by one or more dots, turns out it's not a must for a domain.

In theory, for example, it would be possible for internet regulatory authorities to enable top-level domains (TLDs) like com to be a valid domain by itself and have valid DNS records resolving to a server. Had that been the case, navigating to http: // com / would present the user with a web page.
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ive been online since 1993-1994
ICANN Rules, formerly INTERNIC was the only registrar Network Solutions before split after the Millennialism

i have some crazy stories
ran inside first botnet eggdrop effnet [email protected] webchat IRC is the backbone of internet before browser derivatives/nothing to download LYNX- only had MOSAIC
all /servers were connected in cloud through online UNIX Shell prompt..
this is why new.net intranets and ENS "Domains" ultimately fail is despite adoption required all new technology standpoint it is not 100% compatible

..and email is the 2nd internet
CIA duped is the 3rd heh I remember trained a guy who ended up cloning the right side of the @ in the chat (dreamt webchat: "something exists there"\ THE NEVER CLICK)

- Dennis Zabala
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Solving a non problem.

Seriously, that's not just a domainer opinion. If they wanted this problem solving, technically, then they could do it... But the dot and the separate TLDs actually presents a benefit that we all enjoy.

You either have no ability to separate bob.net from bob.com using the dot, or have separate systems entirely. The latter is the same thing, but destined to be less intuitive.
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