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    Domain names including the string “pizza” have a higher renewal rate than all other strings according to an analysis by’s Alexander Mayrhofer,’s head of Research and Development, presented at the Domain Pulse conference in Innsbruck Thursday attended by around 200 people mostly from the German-speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also further afield.

    Mayrhofer noted how domain name registrations can often reflect trends, either globally or in a ccTLD within a country, that are currently happening, but even occasionally future trends. One global example Mayrhofer gave was for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) where domainers were registering related domain names within minutes of the World Health Organization’s announcement of the official name of the virus.

    But it was the analysis of 1,036,147 .at domain name registrations that was the most interesting with Mayrhofer finding the most common strings used in .at registrations were “shop” with 23,489 domains containing this string, “wien” (19,496), “online” (17,252), “Austria” (15,306), “service” (11,953) and then “hotel” (11,748) being the most popular.

    Domain names containing the string “pizza” was the one capturing Mayrhofer’s attention with 2,809 domains. On the culinary side of things, it beat out “burger” with 1,966 registrations, “kebap” (487) and “schnitzel” (467). There was one domain that covered 3 of the 4 strings:!

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