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My domains got stolen and the thief is from China and it is a she.
I have been corresponding with her to give back my domains but she is a B&^&^itch and she is so proud that she stole the domains.
She is using email chrisgoh1 at and using my name.
more info here:

One of the ways to fight this stolen domain issue is to create a domain names stolen registry and hopefully people will never buy the stolen domains.

I told her that I am going to hunt her down in China and my people will find her and find her family, her kids and her parents. I told her I have lots of time and I can wait and will never forget.

I told her, what would you do if someone steals from you or from your kids?

If anyone wants to see the correspondence with her, shoot me an email
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I even told her that by stealing my domains, you have given me the right and the licence to hunt you down!!

She knows stealing is a crime in China and I am going to expose her.
I will hire people in China to find her.
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