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    Hi guys,

    First of all, I wish everyone Happy and salesful New Year.

    Anyway, after giving several thoughts on my pain point, constantly changing parking services for my domains, managing them all over the place using just spreadsheet, I've started on personal project, which will eventually (hopefully in late March) be public.


    domainingBuddy is the platform (dashboard) from which you can manage all of your domain names, across different registrars.

    Domain management features:
    - DNS management
    - Contact management
    - Requesting and managing outgoing/incoming transfers
    - Scheduling renewals

    Additional features:
    - Domain registration at lowest market rate: domainingBuddy will be using its own analyzing interface to find cheapest registrar for selected tld and register domain on it (as long as its technicall feasible and you use that registrar).
    - Dropcatching names: for all registrars that provide list of deleted domains, Buddy will be able to offer you catching services for specific domain.
    - One-click parking switch: you will be able to change your parking servers (you simply select the domains, pick the parking service provider and it will make appropriate changes). No need for typing nameservers and such.
    - Automatic domain listing across different marketplaces: this feature will allow you to list your domain to Sedo marketplace without need to login to sedo account.
    - DNS service: instead of changing nameservers every now and then, you simply use our own NS and get real-time updates on your desirable changes.

    I'm currently finishing up some of the features, and considering the workload it requirea, not all features will be available upon launch.

    You can sign up for your spot on

    If you have any questions, feedback or possible feature that I might implement, feel free to share it here.
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    No, you haven't :) I've chosen another domain and will reflect it starting next week, as there will already be available version for usage (free for some period of time).

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