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I'm wondering how DomainAgents and other similar companies are able to contact the domain owners when I am unable to find the owners myself? I've looked through the historical information but haven't found anything.

Just recently I paid about $20 so that I could open negotiation but it's a slow back and forward process whereby the owner declines the offers.
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Exactly. I have been wrapping my head around this, especially after GDPR has become more prominent.
As an outbound domainer, the prospects have reduced significantly.
I don't think you have a choice but to make better offers or ask them to name a number.
@kiddstu did you get any idea on how to do it by your self?
when you do a whois Lookup,
you will get the "Whois Email" which is an email forwarder to the owner

this is a layer of protection

example: if you search for the domain spectacular.com
go at domaintools to submit the whois request
-->> https://whois.domaintools.com/spectacular.com

then at the botom you will find "Registrant/Admin Email" in blue

here is a screenshot(Email in Blue):