Domain Selling Psychology - An inside look!

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    Thanks Eric,

    This will make me understand it much simpler.

    ok iam the buyer I have mailed you I will buy it, you have researched about me that I like basketball , so how would your reply me.
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    From a buyers standpoint, it's a little different, my references prior were from a sellers standpoint. As far as flipping the coin over, (Just a hypothetical example) if I researched you and your domain for sale, then formulated an offer to acquire your domain asset, I would probably start off with a friendly personal greeting and brush the topic of basketball, pointing out how their team should have won the last match-up. I would then express my disappointed that they dropped the ball on winning that one.

    With the above setting the foundation, I would then move into how today I was searching for a new start-up project but don't have much in the way of a budget. I would then follow that up with an offer that does not exceed 25% of the fair end-user market value.

    From there, the negotiation begins and should include at least 1 paragraph in each reply that relates to your commonalities (Possibly different ones). If you can keep the potential seller on a personal level psychologically through the negotiation, the chances of getting a better price double in that comfort zone.

    That's just my opinion. Everyone uses a different technique.

    I hope that helps explain a bit better.
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    This is manipulation.

    In manipulation process you will twist your thoughts, desires and actions and blow up everything (100%).

    Establishing trust is imperative!

    Once you make your offer, stay strong. Take your time (positive deals come to those who wait vs chasers)!

    Use the research (DN analyses) in “the PDF presentation” to justify your offer and stick to it.

    Make sure to pay attention to all aspects of the deal. Especially when it comes to formal or informal communication, split the difference moments, fools counteroffer and if you let your emotional impulses take over - you lose.

    Keep the bridge open! Constantly!

    The words you write or speak to buyers can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory; either bad or good.

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