Domain Parking: How Do You Do It Successfully?

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    I have been playing around the idea of parking domains to make money for some weeks now and I do engaged a friend as we discuss it but there are still some grey areas that needs clarification, hence the thread.

    I know SEO terminologies that could aid this; that is, I understand all the blacklink, D.A, P.A, RD and so on.

    But here are my questions that I feel could complete the whole picture if answered.

    1. Do you target specific niches and does the domain name carry this niches in their keyword makeup?

    2. or it is just a case or random domain with good traffic stats?

    3. what are the things to look out for in before you pick such domains? what are the minimum metrics for backlink, D.A, P.A?

    4. What site do you use to do background check on the domain name before you purchase them? I know we have Ahref, Semrush, Moz... which of these do you use or would you recommend?

    5. Does play any significant role in deciding what to go for?

    6. Must the domain name be one with previously establish site ?

    7. does age play a role in this? if yes, like how old?

    Any other stuff to help with be appreciated..
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    6. Must the domain name be one with previously establish site

    Just to provide a bit of my own experience with this, I parked which was an establish site before and ranked for a few decent KEYWORDS, parking revenue was decent even had a 9$ click from it but it did not take long before pages where getting de-indexed so for me personally it is better to focus on TYPE-IN traffic domains.

    (Parked at BODIS btw)

    However I am not much of an export Previously established websites could also gain traffic for years, possibly from Social Pages, Links from other websites and so forth, does not just have to rely on Google.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    So you're an import?
  4. Seventy

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    "expert" 'expert" lol... lame comment.

    The username and profile pic, is what we call a bird falang, guess every forum needs one.
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