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The Domain Names Wanted forum is designed to allow buyers searching for domains to easily connect with their sellers. Following this guide will increase the chances and speed of succeeding.

Table of Contents
I. Buyers
II. Sellers
III. Post Sale

I. Buyers
1. Clearly and specifically state the criteria you are looking for in a domain and let potential sellers know if you're open to alternatives by including the following information:
a. Exact Budget - Specify a definitive budget range for each domain or in bulk.
i. e.g. "$15,000 - $20,000 USD for 4 domains (in bulk) or $5,000 per domain name. Open to alternative offers."
ii. Vague, trading, brokering, “unlimited,” or $0 budgets are not permitted per Marketplace rules.
b. Industry and Niche
c. Preferred or Required Keyword(s)
i. e.g. "Must be related to automotive."
d. If it’s for a business, describe it and its target demographic of clientele
e. Acceptable Extensions
i. e.g. .com only or .net, .biz, .co are acceptable.
f. Domain Length - Remember to specify the maximum number of characters with and without the TLD
g. Statistics of interest - pagerank, traffic, earnings
i. e.g."Domain must have more than 5000 US searches and a minimum CPC of $1. Open to close alternatives." etc.
h. Minimum age of domain
i. Minimum time left until renewal
j. Preferred or required registrar
k. Single word, double generic, brandable, etc.
i. e.g."searching for 1-2 dictionary word domains. Open to 1 word brandable domains. All must be related to keyword." etc.
l. Similar domains
m. Other miscellaneous criteria that will help a seller send appropriate domains
i. e.g."looking for no TM issues or typos" etc.
2. Edit your initial post when updating your requirements so new sellers will see this information and submit accordingly.
3. Maintain and update your thread so sellers know you are still searching for a domain.
4. Close your thread if you already found the desired domain, spent your budget, or are no longer buying. Note that NamePros will close your thread if there are no updates in it for one month.
5. Encourage sellers by informing them how many domains you’ve purchased.
6. If you’re not receiving enough submissions, reconsider and update some of your most limiting criteria to infuse interest: higher budget, new or more specific criteria.
7. If this is your first time purchasing a domain, please review the New Domain Investor Disclaimer.
8. Here is a template for ease-of-use. Remember to specify which criteria is non-negotiable vs. criteria where you're open to alternatives.

Bold criteria is required by the Buyer. The blue numbers provide examples and further explanation. Rule 6.7.2 will be strictly enforced.
1. Exact Budget Range: Placeholders such as "$XX,XXX" are not permitted.
2. Buying Timeframe:
3. Number of Domains Buying:
4. Domain Criteria: Pick at least 1
1. Industry and Niche:
2. Keyword(s):
3. Business and Clientele:
4. Acceptable TLD(s):
5. Domain Length (With and Without TLD):
6. Statistics:
7. Minimum Age:
8. Minimum Renewal Time:
9. Preferred or Required Registrar:
10. Single Word, Double Generic, Brandable, etc.:
11. Similar Domains:
12. Miscellaneous Criteria:​

Note: TLD is the Domain Extension, e.g., .com or .net.

II. Sellers
1. Post domains within the parameters the buyer requested. Everything else will be considered spam and those consistently ignoring criteria will be warned.
2. Send a DM or post a comment asking for specific clarification if you are unclear of the buyer’s criteria.
3. Specify if your domain is fixed price or make offer.
4. Remember that buyers are inundated with offers and have rigorous schedules. If you don't hear back from a buyer it generally means they were not interested. Please don't take offense or attempt to convince buyers reply or purchase your name.
5. Setting a deadline for your domain's availability, or offer, will let buyers know to get back to you sooner if they're interested. If they don't respond, you'll know they weren't interested.

III. Post Sale
1. Leave an appropriate Trader Rating on each other’s profiles that reflects the transaction’s outcome.
2. If you’d like to brag about your sale, post it in Domain Name Sales with the details.
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