discuss "Domain names" and "official websites" - users may not use them, but brands cannot be without them.

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"Domain names are outdated; it's the era of apps." I often hear statements like this through various channels. Undeniably, there has been a proliferation of apps in the market, and no matter what we want to do or see, there is always a QR code to scan and download an app, which is undoubtedly convenient (though sometimes annoying). This has led more and more companies to believe that all they need is an app to do anything.

But let's take a look at our own phones. How many apps do we have? And how many of these apps don't have an official website? For those apps that do have an official website, what domain name do they use? Perhaps, like me, some people have only a few commonly used apps on their phones, and those apps also have the best domain names.

Founder of DotWeekly and experienced domain investor, Jamie Zoch, raised five questions in an article:

  • Does your app have a brand name and a corresponding domain name?
  • Are you solely relying on app stores to attract new users?
  • Do you have communication with suppliers, advertisers, legal services, and customers?
  • Does your app provide everything you need?
  • Do you have a convenient way to guide, retain, and build trust with users?
If we pay a little more attention and collect data, we will find that failed and obsolete apps have one thing in common—they don't even have an official website, let alone a matching brand domain name.

The internet age has created miracles, but miracles are never accidental. What is the most important thing in internet entrepreneurship? I believe it's the users. User retention, engagement, and revenue all rely on a large user base.

Users can conveniently scan QR codes to directly download apps.
Users can conveniently access official websites through domain names.

Apps and official websites, QR codes and domain names have a 1+1=2 additive relationship. However, if we employ a good domain name, an appealing official website, the effect can exceed 1+1.

Let's take an example:
To download Twitter, you can go to Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
Of course, you can also choose to directly visit or

Perhaps some users open the app more frequently than visiting the official website!
Perhaps some users never visit the official website from downloading to uninstalling the app!
Perhaps some users have no idea what the official website's domain name is!

However, we must admit that while users may not visit the official website or remember the domain name, as a brand, you must have both.
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Neither apps nor QR-codes are anything new, and they were never a threat to domains like you explain.

Furthermore, no business or project can afford to let someone else own the domain of their brand. It's not just for the purpose of running a website, it's also email security. You don't want people to send emails to [email protected]. Not to mention that search engines are still used to find new information. Unless you have a website you're not gong to show up there, and marketing is going to be an uphill battle.