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discuss Domain Names and "Action Words"

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I don't know about many of the members here, but I pay close attention to commercials on TV. Many of my good ideas come from tv, and in particular I pay attention to some of the very same words used over and over.
For instance, three commercials in a row yesterday used the word "today" in the commercial. They referenced "today" in the context "buy today", "come in and see us today", "test drive today". I've also noticed the vast majority of the domains are .coms, and use action words left of the dot like "Try????????.com", "Buy????????.com, "Test????????.com etc. While I haven't seen many, I've sort of latched on to the word "Improve"???????.today to use left of the dot.

My point is, "words" are powerful instruments, and if used properly, they can generate profits. Anyone making these same observations? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks,
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